May 27, 2024


5 min read

How I got laid off

My thoughts on industry layoffs, how I got laid off and lessons learned

May 26, 2024


4 min read

Recent updates I made to this blog

Recently, I made some updates to this blog that I had been postponing for a while.

September 23, 2023


6 min read

My experience with Neovim

My journey with Vim and Neovim, and why I think you should give it a shot - if you haven't already.

April 16, 2023


6 min read

A new hobby

I've been using mechanical keyboards when I was a kid and did not think that it would hit me differently years after.

January 1, 2023


6 min read

How Figma API can be useful for design system

Figma API is especially useful for design systems. In this article, I will give you a few examples of how you can use it.

July 1, 2022


10 min read

Why every frontend developer should know ASTs

Short article showing when knowledge of ASTs can be useful for frontend developer